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#5 Black Zipper Tape w/Gold Metal Teeth

#5 Black Zipper Tape w/Gold Metal Teeth

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#5 black zipper tape with gold teeth and gold, metal pulls (pictured)
Pull: 1 ½ " h x ⅜ " w (38 mm x 11 mm)
Zipper Tape: 1 ⅜" w (30 mm)

Zipper is non-directional so you can add zippers from either end.

Zipper sliders are for replacing a zipper or with your new project. Commonly used with handbags and accessories.

Not suitable for hidden zippers or specialty zippers. Zipper sliders are non-locking.

Sliders material: Metal, with electroplating process. Applications widely used are to make or fix bags, pouches, pillows, clothing storage protection bags, DIY tailor crafts, handbags, etc.

 Each order is 5 Yards of zipper tape and 10 pulls.